Thursday, 28 February 2013


Alhamdulillah! Goodbye semester 2, Hello semester 3.

New semester, New campus, New environment, New friends, New boyfriends? oh no! HAHA.

BM220 - Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing 

  • BEL 492 - Presentation Skills
  • BMD 501 - Mandrin Language III
  • FIN 533 - Personal Financial Planning
  • MGT 546 - E-Commerce
  • MKT 531 - Product Management
  • MKT 532 - Understanding Consumer
  • QMT 425 - Quantitative Business Analysis
Semester 3, 7 SUBJECT AGAIN? omaigaddd. 

Please be nice with me semester 3, i'll do my best. Good Luck :)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013



 Its takes three seconds to say I LOVE YOU.  Three hours to explain it and a life time to prove it.


"ALLAH has already written the names of your spouse for you.  What you need to work on is your relationship with ALLAH SWT.  He will send her/him to you when you're ready.  It is only a matter of time"

In Sha Allah :')